Research Portfolio

Focus on Simulation and Physics

Our current research portfolio includes low-cost super-computers, parallel operating systems, artificial intelligence and quantum physics.

These technologies have in common that they serve to advance scientifc computer simulation to a level that will enable faster, more reliable and more efficient research into technologies that combine processes on the macroscopic, microscopic and nanoscopic scale. The objective is to provide researchers and engineers with a powerful tool to develop new innovative devices and processes on demand - in time frames of days and weeks instead of months and years - literally opening a fast track approach from an original inventor's idea of a new device to the blueprint of an entire factory that can manufacture it. The areas of application and possible advances include versatile materials, nano-machines, biocomputers, the replication of natural drugs etc., to mention just a few. Ideally the simulator will support equally well basic research, applied research and engineering tasks.

Our current portfolio:


Apart from the research described above we are systematically looking into new ideas and evaluating potential innovations that we encounter either coincidentally or as part of our research in other areas. The ideas and concepts emerging from this are typically spread over a wide spectrum of application areas, examples ranging from containment fields for ultra-hot plasma over substances that improve dental treatment to efficient algorithms for real-time rendering. We methodically keep track of potential innovations and will set up new projects if the required know-how, human resources and funding become available and enable us to do so successfully.