Vision Matters

Geoentropy ahead

Tesla Minds' Simulation Systems Research Unit is foremost a research think tank that promotes investing into innovative and clean technologies.

Our vision is focused on the research needed to face the challenges humankind is bound to tackle to ensure its survival.

The declaration of the UN conference on biodiversity in Nagoya (Japan, October 2010) embraced for the first time a more substantial approach, in a direction that we propose for years. The link between biodiversity, risks to entire ecosystems, economies and human life is crucial. The Paris climate agreement unfortunately didn't follow up on this.

Clean energy is in many ways the key that enables the transformation of our current economy. What we can provide is the know-how to develop the core technologies that can produce much larger quantities of clean energy at vastly reduced costs in a time frame that is only a fraction of what the world's most advanced fusion reactor reseach ITER projects. Naturally, we are strong advocates of clean energy and sustainable development, which the Chinese have made a cornerstone of their Belt and Road initiative. Beyond that we believe it is necessary to embark on a grand global reforestation project to undo the damage humans have done in the last 50 years. Our research has yielded strong evidence that reforestation, if taken seriously, is the most effective way to combat climate change.

Ultimately we believe in a constructive approach, and we have an offer for governments and non-government organisations.

Our offer and the technologies we can provide are detailed in What we can do.

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